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About US

Sama Sped DOOEL is a company that provides transport and logistics solutions, based in the city of Prilep, Republic of Macedonia.

We organize transport for all type of goods to any place in the world by AIR, SEA, and ROAD, by the fastest way and under the most economic conditions.

Who we are?

We are dynamic family company with a rich history in the field of logistics and transport. As a family business, our hallmark is healthy growth and long-term success, while always focusing on our customers’ needs and satisfaction. Close customer relations, sustainable investments, and rapid decision processes are the pillars of our corporate strategy.

Our Values

Connecting businesse, communities and people to a better future – through logistics.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with innovative transportation and logistic solutions, which will increase efficiency, decrease delivery times and costs. We aim to make life easier for our clients.

Our Values

Our service-oriented culture is based on our core values, which focus on building long-term relationships with our customers and employees.

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"The line between disorder and order lies in logistics!"
Our Service

Our Services

Logistics management is not only loading the goods on the transportation vehicles and delivering them to their destination, but planning and managing the transportation process to meet the demands of our clients in the shortest time by the most appropriate transportation means, with the lowest cost.

Our Service

The Clients


As a company that provides logistics and transport solutions, we work with every type of customer, from major multi-nationals, to small businesses. We have among our clients’ a lot of trade companies, companies that belong to different type of industries, public or private organizations….We are very proud to serve this variety of clients.



Feel free to talk to our representative at any time. Please use our contact form on our website or one of our contact numbers. Let us build your future together.

You can always visit us at our HQ, we have a friendly staff and a mean cup of coffee.


Address:str. Penka Koteska no. 95
7500 Prilep Republic of Macedonia

Phone: +389 48 520 658