Organizing FTL shipments (for regular and ADR cargo)

Road freight service with booking of full truck is available for normal and also for ADR cargo.

Organizing groupage Cargo, LTL

Groupage cargo carriage option allows using one vehicle for transporting several consignments being sent by different consignors to different consignees. This is the most cost effective way of moving items worldwide.
Our groupage cargo solutions allow you to consolidate your package or freight with other consignments, so you will make benefit from the inexpensive and efficient use of the vehicle capacity.

Organizing international road transport with refrigerator trucks

Shipment service with the booking of a full refrigerated truck, the best option to deliver all those goods which characteristics makes them perishable, from foodstuff to medicines.

Organizing transport for oversize cargo

On client’s demand, we organize oversize cargo shipping services within all European territory with open trucks, extra weight trucks, oversize height and width.

Organizing transport with small trucks (7.5 t) and transport with a Van.
Organizing local transport in the Republic of Macedonia.


Air transport is the fastest mode of transport. If you’re working with strict deadlines, have no time to lose or want to send valuable goods, air transportation is the most sensible choice. Whether we have to carry your goods to a far-flung corner of the planet, we’ll do it carefully and on time! Your consignments will arrive quickly and safely. We create a solution that precisely fits your supply or distribution chain requirements. Our strict standard operating procedures will help ensure that your expectations are met.


Sea transportation is referred as one of the safest and popular means of transportation. Currently, sea transportation comprises about 80% of international trade. It is one of the cheapest transportation mode for cargo shipping from distant countries. Both regular and non-standard cargoes can be shipped by sea. This type of transportations allows transportation of very heavy and large size cargoes. The usage of containers for transportation by sea prevents the cargo from bad weather conditions and damage.
We offer you:
-Organizing full container transportation (FCL)
-Organizing partial transportation (LCL)


Sama Sped DOOEL offers organization of multimodal transport solutions. The goods are loaded directly into a container, or goods are reloaded from the truck trailer into a container, and will be transported by both, road and sea. It is also known as combined transport.


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